Japan struck by fresh quake

Updated On: Apr 08, 2011
A magnitude 7.4 earthquake struck Japan on Thursday night. The quake's epicentre was off the coast of Miyagi Prefecture in northeastern Japan, closer to the Japanese coast than last month's 9.0-magnitude quake.
It triggered a tsunami warning for one prefecture and advisories in others, but this was lifted 90 minutes later. There were no reports of casualties from anywhere in the earthquake zone, but 132 people were injured. A handful of roads were damaged as well as a few homes.
The new quake’s impact on the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant is still being assessed. There were no immediate reports of damage.
About four million homes remain without power, while water and train services were disrupted in some places.
Following the latest earthquake, U.S. and European stocks lost around 0.2 per cent. The Nikkei opened lower, but gained 0.1 per cent after it seemed like the quake had not caused major damage.

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