East Asia reexamines nuclear power

Updated On: Mar 21, 2011

Following the earthquake and subsequent nuclear power crisis in Japan, other Asian countries are reexamining their plans to expand nuclear energy generation.

In China, plans to expand nuclear capacity by 40 gigawatts over the next 5 years are still likely to go through. Its national energy chief Liu Tienan reemphasized China's commitment to nuclear energy in the days following the Japan crisis.

In India, the disaster has also prompted debate. India has 20 nuclear reactors already and plans to expand more. However, such plans have already been met with vociferous resistance, which is likely to be galvanized by the recent events in Japan.

Vietnam has said it will still go forward with its plans to build its first nuclear reactors. Experts there however say that even though Vietnam is not at risk for earthquakes, rising sea levels could have a major impact. Vietnam's nuclear project was the first order for the International Nuclear Energy Development of Japan Co, a public-private partnership established last year to export Japan's nuclear technology.

Source: FT, beyondbrics blog

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