Indonesia's Yudohoyono steps up corruption fight

Updated On: Jan 19, 2011

To read the SIIA's 2010 report on anti-corruption, click here.

Indonesia's president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has pledged to step up the fight against graft in Indonesia, issuing several directives on recent tax and bank scandals.

The directives come following a 2010 that saw public perception of the Yudhoyono government's ability to stem corruption plummet. Only 34 percent of Indonesians polled in October 2010 trust the administration's efforts against corruption, compared to 83.7 percent a year previously.

17 of Indonesia's 33 provincial governors are currently being investigated for graft, alluding to the scale of the problem which the Yudhoyono government confronts.

Despite recent stock market troubles, Indonesia's economic outlook remains rosy, with low government debt and wages and increasing foreign investment. Its GDP rose 6% in 2010.

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