China's Hu heads to the United States

Updated On: Jan 18, 2011

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Hu Jintao embarked Tuesday for a state visit to the United States, reports Xinhua news agency. The president of China will meet with American president Barack Obama on Tuesday evening for a small state dinner, in advance of the pagaentry that is expected to occur along with Hu's official state visit on Wednesday.

The meeting comes at a time of tension in US-China relations. After the two sides signed a joint statement in 2009 pledging further cooperation, 2010 saw frictions between the two sides escalate over a number of issues related to security, trade and currency.

Analysts expect the two sides will sign more trade deals, including a contract for American company Boeing to sell aircraft to China. President Hu will visit Washington, DC as well as Chicago.

Chinese president leaves for state visit to US [Xinhua, 18 Jan 2011]

China's Hu heads to United States [AFP, 18 Jan 2011]

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