Singapore looks into bio-renewables

Updated On: Jan 07, 2011

In the midst of global concerns about the long-term sustainability of crude oil, Singapore is studying the use of bio-renewables like palm oil, sugarcane and plant biomass as feedstock in the production of chemicals and industrial polymers like plastics.

The local Economic Development Board (EDB) believes this will create new economic opportunities for Singapore. Director of Energy and Chemicals Liang Ting Wee said that the EDB is “keen to position Singapore as a leading location for biomass-to-chemicals conversion technologies”, making use of Singapore’s geographical proximity to regional biomass resources.

This study of bio-renewables comes under the Jurong Island version 2.0 initiative, intended to add competitive advantage to Singapore’s chemicals sector. Expected to be ready by mid-2011, the initiative will also look into harnessing waste heat for desalination and recycling of waste water.

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