Taiwan to lift ban on independent Chinese tourists

Updated On: Jan 03, 2011

From April 2011, Taiwan is expected to lift its decades-old ban on visits from individual Chinese tourists. The China Times reported that up to 500 residents from Shanghai and Beijing would be allowed to travel to Taiwan each day on a trial basis.

According to the Taipei-based Times, a consensus on the new cross-strait travel policies has been reached by both sides, with measures starting around April 5. Ms Chen Chiung-wen, an official at Taiwan’s Tourism Bureau, said she expected the new measures to be realised soon “as they meet the targets of the two sides”. The daily quota on Chinese visitors was also raised from 3,000 to 4,000, according to an agreement in Taipei last month.

Following the first trade treaty between China and Taiwan, the new cross-strait travel policies indicate a sunnier turn in relations between the former foes.

'Cross-strait travel set to ease further', The Straits Times, print, 3 January 2011.

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