Republican National Convention 27-30 August

Updated On: Aug 22, 2012

UPDATE: The US Republican Party officially nominated Mitt Romney on Tuesday to challenge President Barack Obama for the White House. The formal nomination of Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan, sets up an unpredictable two-month dash to the November 6 election.

The party convention's opening was pushed back a day by travel warnings over Hurricane Isaac.

Even as Republicans tried to show a united front against Obama, it was clear the bitter party divisions have not been resolved. Supporters of libertarian congressman Ron Paul of Texas and other conservative activists briefly disrupted the opening session, booing a decision to unseat Paul delegates and change voting rules.

Report: Republicans nominate Romney, bash Obama at convention [Reuters, 28 Aug 2012]

The abortion divide

After Todd Akin’s comments regarding rape and conception earlier this week, the topics of women’s reproductive rights have further secured their place in the campaign. Public figures including President Obama and Romney have condemned this Akin’s initial comment and he has been called on to step aside as the GOP nominee for Senate. However, Akin has refused to step aside, saying that he intends to rally conservatives to a campaign focused on abortion, an issue he said was being ignored by the leadership of both major parties. By standing his ground on this issue, Akin will work to maintain focus on social issues in an election mostly argued over the economy.

The ongoing public and media backlash against Akin’s comments highlights tension within the GOP. GOP leaders met in Tampa ahead of the convention and adopted a broad anti-abortion position that did not have a specific exception for rape or incest. This position is at odds with Romney’s position, which has been described by his Republican opponents as not sufficiently conservative.

However, this divide between the Republican Party’s position on abortion and that of its presidential nominee is not new. In 2008, the party adopted a similar plank on abortion, despite Senator John McCain, its nominee, having urged the party in the past to make exceptions.

Other players prepare for the convention

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has meanwhile called on all Republicans to “come together in common purpose to defeat President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden”.  

The Tea Party movement was not enthusiastic about the convention, with activists saying that they would be focusing their attention on the dozens of state-levels races where they feel they can make a difference. Tea Party activists continue to find Romney insufficiently conservative, preferring Rick Santorum and New Gingrich during the presidential primary season.

It has been revealed that Donald Trump will have a role in the Republican convention.

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