North Korean bombing: regional responses

Updated On: Nov 25, 2010

As the US prepares to send an aircraft carrier to the South Korean border to defuse tensions with its neighbor to the north, others in Asia have responded to North Korea's shelling of an island controlled by South Korea. The attack killed two soldiers and injured a dozen people including civilians. It was the most overt attack since the Korean War.

Singapore's Foreign Ministry said "the exchange of artillery fire was undoubtedly initiated by the DPRK", and called it a reckless and provocative action. Meanwhile China, North Korea's longtime ally, issued a more muted response, calling for both countries "to do more" to contribute towards peace but failing to condemn North Korea's actions altogether.

Malaysia issued a statement noting its concern of the tense situation and "deploring" the incident that led to the loss of life. Indonesia and Thailand have also expressed concern over the situation, with Indonesia saying in general terms that it would condemn any unprovoked act of hostilities.

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