China urges North Korea to return to Six Party Talks

Updated On: Oct 15, 2010

China has called for the resumption of six-nation talks on dismantling North Korea's nuclear programs after a top envoy from Pyongyang met Chinese officials in Beijing.

Showing positive signs of returning to negotiations, North Korea's Kim Kye-Gwan, who has been Pyongyang's envoy to the disarmament negotiations for years, held talks Tuesday with China's Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi and nuclear envoy Wu Dawei.

Pyongyang pulled out of the forum in April 2009 and conducted its second nuclear test a month later. It conducted its first test in 2006.

Prospects for resuming negotiations had been clouded following the deadly March sinking of a South Korean warship blamed on Pyongyang. No date has been set for the recommencement of talks.

China urges resumption of N.Korea nuclear talks [AFP, 14 Oct 2010]
China holds talks with NKorea, Japan nuclear envoys [TODAY, 14 Oct 2010]

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