ADMM+8: US, China defense officials in Hanoi

Updated On: Oct 11, 2010

US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates is in Hanoi this week for the inaugural ASEAN+8 Defense Ministers' Meeting.

There, he will meet with his counterparts from China and ASEAN among others, where they are expected to focus on peacefully settling disputes in the South China Sea.

Washington and Beijing have begun resuming military talks, which China halted earlier this year because of US plans to continue weapons sales to Taiwan.

Tensions over the South China Sea remain high, with China still holding nine crew members of a Vietnamese fishing boat caught in a territorial dispute.

Other issues on the agenda peacekeeping, search and rescue missions, and disaster relief.

Gates in Hanoi for Asian Defense Ministers Meeting [Voice of America]
Hanoi demands Beijing let fisherman go [Asahi Shimbun]

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