Wen meets Obama and Bill Clinton on sidelines of UNGA

Updated On: Sep 24, 2010

President Barack Obama urged Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao to speed up the revaluation of his nation's currency, and that the slow pace of reforms was affecting both the global and U.S. economies, a top U.S. aide said.

The two leaders met at a 2 hour meeting on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly in New York. They also discussed security issues including Iran, Sudan and the dispute between China and Japan regarding

Obama noted that "there had not been much movement since" China said in June that it would implement a more liberal currency policy, Bader said. Obama said the United States "looked for a more rapid and significant revaluation in coming months," Bader said.

Bader declined to characterize Wen's response to Obama, saying only that Wen "did reiterate Chinese intention to continue to with reform to their exchange system."

Premier Wen also met former President Bill Clinton. Wen said political and strategic mutual trust is the prerequisite and guarantee for the further growth of their bilateral relations. He noted that China-U.S. relations are currently at a crucial juncture, but on the whole, their common interests outweigh differences and disagreements.

For his part, Clinton said the coming decade is very important for U.S.-China relations, and the two countries should strengthen cooperation to face together various challenges. This will help the international community to regain and enhance confidence.

Obama,Wen huddle in a side meeting at U.N.
 [CNN, 24 September 2010]
Chinese Premier Wen meets former U.S. President Clinton on bilateral ties [Xinhua, 24 September 2010]

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