Ban Ki-Moon on MDGs

Updated On: Sep 21, 2010

The United Nations’ “Millennium Declaration” pledged to “ensure that globalization becomes a positive force for all the world’s people,” especially the most marginalized in developing countries.

The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon has said that the Millennium Development Goals can still be met if enough work is done.

Ban Ki-moon urged world leaders meeting in New York to stick to the task despite the global downturn, insisting they could be achieved by 2015.

Created in 2000, the 8 MDG's aim to reduce poverty and hunger and improve health standards around the world. In his opening speech to delegates, Mr Ban insisted the goals had led to "more development success stories than ever before", and had had a "transformative impact". He said "the clock is ticking" and there was much more to do if the goals were to be met by the 2015 deadline.

In an interview with the BBC, one of the architects of the goals, development economist Jeffrey Sachs, castigated rich countries for failing to do enough to make sure the goals were met. he added that they had consistently failed to live up to their pledges on aid and dismissed suggestions that economic recession was affecting governments' capability to live up to their promises.

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