China attempts to mend ties with US

Updated On: Sep 09, 2010

Top Chinese officials are calling for quiet discussions instead of open friction with the United States, after a summer marked by bilateral disagreements over heated issues such as the value of China’s currency, American military exercises off the Korean Peninsula and American efforts to resolve territorial disputes in the South China Sea.

Emphasising the need for good relations with the United States during a visit by two top White House envoys, it was clear that tensions have eased considerably in recent months. Both countries are also been seeking an agreement to resume contacts between the two countries’ militaries. China suspended military exchanges last winter to protest a White House decision to proceed with arms sales to Taiwan, a self-ruling island Beijing officials regard as a renegade province.

The US delegation's visit was the latest sign that the world's top two economies are putting months of tension behind them as they prepare for a visit to the United States by Hu.

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