Thailand, Cambodia to Restore Ties; Thaksin Quits Adviser Role

Updated On: Aug 24, 2010

Thailand and Cambodia are set to ameliorate ties in their often tumultuous bilateral relationship after Phnom Penh announced former Thai prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra had stepped down as economics adviser.

Full diplomatic relations will be restored between the two sides. Relations were tense over ownership of disputed land next to the ancient Preah Vihear temple, and plummeted when the exiled Thai prime minister was appointed an adviser last November.

In 1962, the International Court ruled that the Preah Vihear temple belonged to Cambodia, a decision that continues to irritate many Thais. In 2008, the temple was the site of deadly clashes between Thai and Cambodian troops.

Analysts predict the Thai and Cambodian premiers may meet on the sidelines of the Asia-Europe meeting this October in Brussels. 

Thailand, Cambodia to restore ties [The Straits Times (print) 24 Aug 2010]  

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