Pentagon report says China's military has seen secret expansion

Updated On: Aug 18, 2010

The growth of China's military is shrouded in secrecy which could give rise to "misunderstanding and miscalculation", a new US defence department report says. The billions of dollars in expenditure has been conducted largely out of the public eye, the report alleges.

The report, required by the Congress, indicates that China was ramping up investment in a range of areas including, long-range missiles, submarines, aircraft carriers and cyber warfare."Current trends in China's military capabilities are a major factor in changing East Asian military balances and could provide China with a force capable of conducting a range of military operations in Asia well beyond Taiwan," it said.

In response, China's state media on Wednesday criticised the report as unprofessional and aggressive, saying US demands for transparency were unrealistic.

Military ties between the United States and China were suspended by Beijing months ago after Washington agreed on a 6.4-billion-dollar arms package with Taiwan that included helicopters, missile defences and mine-sweepers.

Pentagon report: http://www.defense.gov/pubs/pdfs/2010_CMPR_Final.pdf


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