US, South Korea Begin War Drills

Updated On: Aug 17, 2010
Amidst tension in the Korean Peninsula, South Korea began naval drills to strengthen its ability to counter any North Korean provocation despite Pyongyang's latest threat to retaliate over the war games. The 11-day drills are the largest annual joint United States-South Korean military exercises.
This comes in response to the deadly March sinking of a South Korean warship blamed on North Korea., where 46 South Korean sailors were killed. The US and South Korea have stated that the drills were to warn the North that further provocations will not be tolerated.
The North routinely calls the drills warmongering and accuses South Korea and its American ally of preparing for an invasion. 
U.S. and South Korea Begin War Drills [The New York Times, 16 Aug 2010]

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