S.Korea warns the North before naval drill

Updated On: Aug 04, 2010

South Korea warned North Korea that it would not tolerate provocations during an upcoming naval exercise in the Yellow Sea, after Pyongyang threatened "strong physical retaliation" for the drill.

The anti-submarine drill starting Thursday will last five days and is a response to the North's alleged torpedo attack in March on a South Korean warship, the Cheonan, which killed 46 sailors. 

"Our military will keep a close eye on our enemy, be ready under any circumstances during the training and will not tolerate any type of provocation," Rear Admiral Kim Kyung-Sik told a briefing

In a show of strength, the US and South Korean military last week staged one of their largest-ever joint naval and air drills on the other side of the peninsula.

S.Korea warns N.Korea on eve of naval drill 
[Channel News Asia, 4 August 2010]

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