Obama fights for Climate Change

Updated On: Jul 29, 2010

President Barack Obama pledged to fight on for a climate change bill, despite the collapse of US Senate legislation designed to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Obama said the Gulf oil spill had shown that current US energy policy was "unsustainable." He also added that the United States could not stand by and let China create the clean energy jobs of the future.

"We should be developing those renewable energy resources and creating those high-wage, high-skill jobs right here in the United States of America” he said. "That's what comprehensive energy and climate reform would do, and that's why I intend to keep pushing this issue forward."

The president also called on Republicans to drop their policy of blanket opposition to his agenda by backing a bill that would offer incentives for small businesses to create jobs.

Obama vows to fight on for climate change bill [Channel NewsAsia, 28 July 2010]

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