Google is back in China

Updated On: Jul 12, 2010

After Google’s decision in March to shut down its service in China due to dispute over internet censorship, Chinese official said on Sunday July 11 that the government has agreed to renew Google’s operation license once again. This approval came after Beijing Guxiang Information Technology Co. Ltd, the operator of Google's China website, submitted an application letter to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) to renew Google's Internet Content Provider (ICP) license.

In the application letter, Guxiang agrees to "abide by Chinese law," and "ensure the company provides no law-breaking content as stipulated in the 57th statement in China's regulations concerning telecommunications," which states that any organization or individual is prohibited from using the Internet to spread any content that attempts to subvert state power, undermine national security, infringe on national reputation and interests, or that incites ethnic hatred and secession, transmits pornography or violence.

The renewed license suggests a compromise that would lead to a win-win situation. Google will not risk losing the Chinese market which has the largest number of internet users. At the same time, China avoids damage in investment and technology sectors from the complete Google withdrawal.    

confirms Google's operation license renewed
 [Xinhuanet, July 11

Google’s China compromise stuns observers [Financial Times, 9 July 2010]

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