Australia’s Rudd Delivers Final Address

Updated On: Jun 24, 2010

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said "I've given it my all" during his final address on Thursday. His popularity had plummeted following setbacks on his mining tax plans and the shelving of an emissions trading scheme, causing his deposal in a sudden party ballot.

Rudd, flanked by his family, repeatedly paused to choke back tears as he listed his achievements in less than three years in office since winning landslide polls in 2007. The former diplomat was uncharacteristically emotional as he delivered his final address as prime minister, describing his proudest moment as his apology to Aborigines, Australia's most impoverished minority, in February 2008.

Rudd was succeeded as party leader and Australia’s first woman prime minister by former deputy Julia Gillard.

Australia's Rudd says 'I've given it my all' [Channel NewsAsia, 24 June 2010]
Australia has first woman PM as Gillard replaces Rudd [BBC News, 24 June 2010]

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