Red Shirts send off Seh Daeng

Updated On: Jun 23, 2010

Thousands of Thai Red Shirts assembled for the cremation of a rogue general shot during opposition protests, staging their biggest gathering since the army quashed their rally last month.

About 1,000 police were deployed in the capital but the cremation at a Buddhist temple passed off peacefully. Major General Khattiya Sawasdipol, or commonly known as Seh Daeng (Commander Red), was shot by an unknown gunman as he spoke to a journalist from the New York Times.

The Red Shirts were campaigning for elections they hoped would oust the government, which they view as undemocratic because it came to power with the backing of the army after a court ruling threw out the previous administration.

Thai 'Red Shirts' mass for rogue general's cremation [Channel NewsAsia, 23 June 2010]
Thousands of red-shirts mourn rogue Thai general [BBC News, 22 June 2010]

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