Malaysia terror bombing plot revealed

Updated On: Jun 18, 2010

The Malaysian police publicized on June 17 the alleged terrorist plot which ten Islamic extremists who were arrested on January 22 had planned to carry out. According to the report, the group planned to blow up two houses of worship in Penang and Selangor to protest against the government whom they felt was failing to uphold Islam. The group leader Aiman Al Dakkak, a Syrian university lecturer who also held regular lectures on extremist ideology at his home, was attempting to revive the South East Asian terrorist group Jemaah Islamiah (JI) by recruiting new members from Malaysian universities.  According to an intelligence report, he has met with Osama Bin Laden several times.

The ten arrested in January consist of four Syrians, two Yemenis, two Nigerians, a Jordanian, and a Malaysian. All the foreigners were deported to their home countries in April, while the Malaysian, a religious teacher believed to have financed the activity, is currently kept under “restricted residence,” and have to report frequently to the police.

In response to the report, Prime Minister Najib Razak promised to prevent the revival of JI, and said that the government will cooperate with universities to stop extremist groups from recruiting new members from campuses.

Alleged terrorists planned to bomb 2 places of worship [Today Online, 18 June 2010]

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