North Korea Warns UN against South’s Accusation

Updated On: Jun 10, 2010

North Korea has sent a letter addressed to the UN Security Council, rejecting claims it sank a South Korean warship and warning the council not to debate the issue. Urging the council to facilitate Pyongyang's own investigation into the incident, the letter comes as Seoul said it had finished installing loud speakers on its borders to broadcast propaganda to the North.

A team of international investigators led by South Korea's military said in May that a North Korean submarine torpedoed the corvette Cheonan on March 26, snapping the vessel in half in a blast and killing 46 sailors.

Heightening tensions between the two Koreas in recent weeks have been largely driven by sanctions imposed by Seoul. The mounting antagonism has also unnerved investors, worried about armed conflict breaking out in the region.

North Korea Warns UN Against Cheonan Warship Debate [BBC News, 9 June 2010]
North Korea Denies Sinking South Ship in Letter to U.N. [Reuters, 9 June 2010]

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