New Japanese PM to be Sworn In

Updated On: Jun 08, 2010

New centre-left Prime Minister Naoto Kan and his cabinet are due to formally take over the Japanese government on Tuesday with their swearing in by Emperor Akihito. Mr Kan replaced Yukio Hatoyama last week, who stepped down after apologising for breaking an election pledge to move a US airbase off Okinawa island and for political funding scandals.

Japan's new Prime Minister Naoto Kan, riding high on opinion poll ratings above 60%, was to unveil key posts in his centre-left party Monday, the eve of the formal launch of his government.

Japanese newspapers have touted Kan as the “son of a salary man”, contrasting his ordinary background to the privileged roots of recent prime ministers, who have hailed from rich political dynasties. Mr Kan, who previously served as finance minister and deputy prime minister, is expected to gather his cabinet for its first meeting on Tuesday morning.

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