South Korea Ends Warship Investigation, Formally Accuses the North

Updated On: May 19, 2010

With strong US backing, South Korea officially wrapped up a painstaking investigation into a naval disaster widely suspected to be the work of North Korea. It is reported that South has found "decisive evidence" with a similar chemical make-up to elements found in a stray North Korean torpedo the South Koreans found seven years ago.

Gathered pieces of the sunken warship were put together and analysed by investigators from Australia, Britain, Sweden and the United States at the port of Pyongtaek, 65km west of Seoul. This systematic multinational investigation ensured a fair examination, garnering the South enough international support to place effective diplomatic and economic sanctions on the North.

South Korea will formally blame North Korea and appeal to the UN Security Council to take up the issue this week, pressing for a tightening of sanctions on Pyongyang.

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