PM Anwar Faces Possible Suspension

Updated On: Apr 23, 2010

Malaysia's infamous opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim faces suspension and possible ban as a member of parliament for damaging statements made against the governement's new "1Malaysia" racial unity slogan. The opposition claims that Apco has links to Israel, and that it is behind the "1Malaysia" concept promoted by Prime Minsiter Najib Razak. They also accuse Israel of permeating into Malaysia through Apco as a Trojan horse. Apco Worldwide, an international PR consultancy firm hired by the government to change the country's image came up with the catchphrase.

The "1Malaysia" campaign is affixed on billboards all over the country, with intentions of winning back ethnic Chinese and Indian voters to the National Front coalition that has ruled Malaysia for 52 years. Anwar was declared guilty of misguiding the Parliament House by linking Najib's "1Malaysia" concept with Ehud Barak's One Israel policy.

Anwar's allegation met with strong refutation from the government, resulting in a rowdy debate in parliament before the opposition staged a walkout. The Privileges Committee will meet in June to decide on Anwar's punishment.

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