Obama’s Nuclear Summit Makes Headway

Updated On: Apr 13, 2010

Obama’s fight against Iran’s nuclear proliferation seemed off to a promising start. Obama set the tone with one-on-one meetings with various world leaders, procuring a verbal promise from China’s president Hu Jintao to engage in sanction negotiations against Iran. In a 90-minute conversation before the start of the nuclear security summit, the two leaders also discussed a currency dispute between the two nations but without announcing specific progress toward resolving it. Confirmation from Ukraine to eradicate its stockpile of highly enriched uranium by the time of the next nuclear security summit in 2012 was also received.

The landmark Nuclear Security Summit comprised of representatives from 47 countries, attempting to craft an agreement on keeping nuclear weapons out of terrorist hands by securing stocks of fissile material such as highly enriched uranium and plutonium.

Earlier in the week, Obama approved a new nuclear policy for the US, devising nuclear arsenal cuts, refrainment from nuclear tests and use of nuclear weapons against countries that did not have them. The sessions close on Tuesday with a joint statement on efforts to prevent the transfer of nuclear materials and technology and to keep them locked up.

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