US funds UN Tribunal of Khmer Rouge: Trial and Error?

Updated On: Apr 06, 2010

31st March 2009; the United States contributed $5 Million to the UN backed tribunal, set up to try Khmer Rouge leaders in Cambodia, against war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The tribunal finished arguments of the first trial in November 2009 and has been faced with accusations of corruption and government interference.

Stephen Rapp, the US ambassador-at-large for war crimes said, "We believe that credible steps have been taken (against corruption).”
He also added that the United States is not worried by the accusations made by Cambodia’s administration in its attempt to interfere and protect its former regime members.

The first trial resulted in Kaing Guek Eav, claiming responsibility and also begging forgiveness during his trial for the murder of 15,000 Cambodian people.

The Tribunal was set up in 2006 to try leaders who were blamed for over 1.6 million deaths in Cambodia.

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