Protests in Thailand Escalate; Government Attempts Legal Measures

Updated On: Apr 05, 2010

In a show of anti-government sentiments, Thai protestors continue to gambol exuberantly in Bangkok’s luxury commercial district, continuing to defy the government’s orders to disband. The Red Shirts, who feel that their interests are marginalised by the government, are demanding for immediate elections to pave the way for the return of fugitive Thaksin. 

Tourists in the upmarket commercial hub have appeared largely unruffled by the noisy protests, with some reveling in the rally's carnival-like atmosphere with loud pop music and dancing.

After four years of political turmoil in Thailand, including a military coup and three government revisions, political movements are engaging in street-protest brinkmanship, with each staging their own form of publicity-seeking mass demonstration.

Mr. Abhisit, who plans on proceeding cautiously, has declared “legal proceedings and prosecution” for anyone who breaks the law. The government has announced that anyone who did not leave the area would be subject to a year’s imprisonment, but did not reveal how protesters would be evicted. Further conciliations are expected to be held in the following week.

Protesters Remain Defiant in Bangkok
 [BBC News, 4 Apr 2010]
Protesters Turn Up the Heat
in Thailand
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Govt Tries Legal Moves to Oust 'Red Shirts' From Tourist Hub

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