Thailand: Protesters march, government ready to listen, exchange views

Updated On: Mar 15, 2010

As many as 100,000 people demonstrated against Thailand's government at a party-like rally Sunday, but the capital was being kept on edge by their threat to continue protesting until Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva calls new elections.

The protesters say that current Prime Minister Abhisit was not democratically elected and have demanded that he call new elections. The Red Shirts set a deadline of noon Monday for Abhisit to heed their call, or face disruptive street protests.

PM Abihisit has responded by saying that the government was democratically elected, and protesters' demands for the dissolution of parliament were "not in line with democratic principles". He has reassured the red-shirts that the government was ready to listen and exchange views with the Red Shirts, but would also take into account the views of the general public, in order to work towards the "benefit of the nation". 

About 50,000 security forces were mobilized ahead of the protests and additional soldiers were guarding Abhisit, who is at a safe house at a military compound.


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