China's CCP anti-corruption ethics code

Updated On: Feb 25, 2010

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has released an ethics code for its officials in a new effort to combat graft in the public sector. The code has 52 rules grouped under eight categories, which include common practices , such as accepting money or gifts under different names, favouring family or staff members, undertaking "image projects" to look good, and the like.

This initiative is being seen as China's effort to stamp our endemic corruption. The new ethics code is a composite of the many piecemeal bans which central and regional authorities had released in previous years, and is an update on a similar code released in 1997.

Official figures show that as many as 4000 Chinese officials have embezzled up to US$50b in public funs over the last 30 years, although experts say that the real figure could be closer to US$100b.



Thou Shalt Nots for China's public officials [Straits Times, 25 Feb 2010]

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