US Ambassador-designate to promote multiparty democracy in Singapore

Updated On: Feb 12, 2010
US Ambassador-designate to Singapore Mr. David Adelman has said that he would promote democratic reforms in Singapore, one of Washington's closest political, economic and military allies in Asia.
Speaking at a nomination hearing in Singapore on Tuesday, he said "make no mistake, currently Singapore is not a multi-party democracy, and I intend, if confirmed, to use public diplomacy to work towards greater press freedoms, greater freedom of assembly and ultimately, more political space for opposition parties in Singapore to strengthen Singapore into a multi-party democracy."
In addition to these remarks, he also said the US mission in Singapore could help lead the way in America's efforts to reinvigorate its relationship with Asia, and expressed optimism about long-term bilateral cooperation. 
Mr. Adelman's nomination was announced in Nov 2009. The previous ambassador, Ms. Patricia Herbold, stepped down in January 2009.
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