NYT: In Japan, US losing diplomatic ground to China

Updated On: Jan 25, 2010

The New York Times gives an overview report today on the recent straining of US-Japan relations and concurrent thawing of China-Japan relations.


Since last year's election, there have been a flurry of diplomatic visits between China and Japan. The Yoimuri Shimbun even cited an anonymous diplomatic source that said there could be reconciliation over historical issues, which would include a visit by PM Hatoyama to Nanjing to apologize for the 1937 massacre. Though both sides dismissed the report, onlookers have speculated that it may have been a trial balloon.

Meanwhile, conflict has escalated in the row over the relocation of US bases in Okinawa. Today, candidate who opposes the base won the mayoral election of Okinawa, increasing pressure on PM Hatoyama.

For more on relations between the Asia-Pacific's three largest economies, see below.

Martin Fackler, "In Japan, U.S. is Losing Ground to China," New York Times, January 23, 2010.

Martin Fackler, "Mayor-Elect of Okinawa Opposes U.S. Base," New York
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