Asia aids quake-hit Haiti

Updated On: Jan 18, 2010

There has been an outpouring of aid in response to the disastrous earthquake in Haiti, which has taken the lives of anywhere from 45,000 to 200,000 depending on . Asian countries have responded. Many Asian countries have been themselves befallen by natural disasters in recent years. The following chart lists those Asia-Pacific countries who have joined the relief effort so far, compiled from various sources.

China: Has pledged a relief package worth US$4.4 million (even though Haiti does not officially recognize the People's Republic of China. Eight Chinese nationals were however killed in the quake)

India: US$1 million

Japan: Announced it would donate up to US$5 million in aid along with $330,000 of tents and blankets.

South Korea: US$1 million

Taiwan: US$5 million (Haiti is one of the 23 countries that recognize Taipei rather than Beijing).


Indonesia: US$1 million

Cambodia: US$50,000

Singapore: US$50,000

Thailand: US$20,000

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