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Simon Tay, Chairman of SIIA

Simon Tay, Chairman SIIA

Associate Professor Simon Tay is Chairman of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs. He is concurrently a tenured Associate Professor, teaching international law at the National University of Singapore Faculty of Law. He is also Senior Consultant at WongPartnership.

His book, Asia Alone: the Dangerous Post Crisis Divide from America (Wiley 2010) was well reviewed in the Economist, Financial Times and regional media. His commentaries feature regularly in regional newspapers. Professor Tay is also a prize winning author with five books of stories and poems. In 2010, his novel City of Small Blessings was awarded the Singapore Literature Prize. He recently published a collection of short stories titled “Middle and First”.

From 1992 to 2008, he served in a number of public appointments for Singapore. These included serving as Chairman of Singapore’s National Environment Agency; and as an independent Nominated Member of Parliament (1997-2001). In 2006, Professor Tay received a National Day Award.

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What I Do

Ideas make a difference. People can too. What we value, say and do can matter and make things better. That’s why – as a writer and public intellectual – I do what I do.


Observing key trends in Asia in a global context, hoping but also questioning the region’s rise: I combine information and data with what I learn from policy-makers, CEOs and experts and my personal insights and experiences of travel and engagement.


Analyzing political events and policies in context, with deeper perspectives: I draw from instinct and experiences gleaned over the last two decades, as well as academic knowledge and theory. I try to distill these into insights — succinct and candid — of both risks and opportunities, and the conditions for success.


Advocating publicly what we best do. Sharing what I observe and analyze, I put forward what policies and actions governments, citizens and corporations should consider. Different avenues for advocacy are utilized, with comments in the leading newspapers and news channels, as well as to socialize ideas with key policy-makers, experts and active citizens.


Advising privately about challenges, risks and opportunities. Whether government leaders or private individuals and corporations, there is a need for knowledgeable and practical advice and closed-door dialogues to help foster understanding and shape strategies and get policies and actions right.


Simon SC Tay
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