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Simon Tay, Chairman SIIA

Associate Professor Simon Tay is Chairman of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs. He is concurrently a tenured Associate Professor, teaching international law at the National University of Singapore Faculty of Law. He is also Senior Consultant at WongPartnership.

His book, Asia Alone: the Dangerous Post Crisis Divide from America (Wiley 2010) was well reviewed in the Economist, Financial Times and regional media. His commentaries feature regularly in regional newspapers. Professor Tay is also a prize winning author with five books of stories and poems. In 2010, his novel City of Small Blessings was awarded the Singapore Literature Prize. He recently published a collection of short stories titled “Middle and First”.

From 1992 to 2008, he served in a number of public appointments for Singapore. These included serving as Chairman of Singapore’s National Environment Agency; and as an independent Nominated Member of Parliament (1997-2001). In 2006, Professor Tay received a National Day Award.

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What I Do
What I Do

Ideas make a difference. People can too. What we value, say and do can matter and make things better. That’s why – as a writer and public intellectual – I do what I do.


Observing key trends in Asia in a global context, hoping but also questioning the region’s rise: I combine information and data with what I learn from policy-makers, CEOs and experts and my personal insights and experiences of travel and engagement.


Analyzing political events and policies in context, with deeper perspectives: I draw from instinct and experiences gleaned over the last two decades, as well as academic knowledge and theory. I try to distill these into insights — succinct and candid — of both risks and opportunities, and the conditions for success.


Advocating publicly what we best do. Sharing what I observe and analyze, I put forward what policies and actions governments, citizens and corporations should consider. Different avenues for advocacy are utilized, with comments in the leading newspapers and news channels, as well as to socialize ideas with key policy-makers, experts and active citizens.


Advising privately about challenges, risks and opportunities. Whether government leaders or private individuals and corporations, there is a need for knowledgeable and practical advice and closed-door dialogues to help foster understanding and shape strategies and get policies and actions right.


Simon SC Tay
​c/o Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA)
60A Orchard Road #04-03
Tower 1, The Atrium@Orchard
International Involvement Hub
Singapore 238890
Tel: +65 6734 9600
Fax: +65 6733 6217

Facebook: @SimonTaySC
LinkedIn: Simon Tay

4 months ago
Desmond Lee

Had lunch on Wednesday with the members of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA) discussing issues from the challenges of an ageing and stratifying population to how they and ... See more

4 months ago
Singapore Institute of International Affairs

SIIA Chairman, Associate Professor Simon Tay speaking at the Asian #Sustainable & #PositiveImpactFinance 2018 Conference organised by Société Générale & Vous.

4 months ago
Singapore Institute of International Affairs

Associate Professor Simon Tay, Chairman of SIIA and Ms. Yeo Lian Sim, Special Adviser Diversity of SGX | My Gateway and Vice-Chair of Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) ... See more

7 months ago
Singapore Institute of International Affairs

#Myanmar used to be described as a triumph of democracy and a "frontier economy". Current headlines instead focus on the minority Muslims in #Rakhine state - whom many foreigners - but almost none ... See more

7 months ago
Singapore Institute of International Affairs

China and Singapore are NOT the same country as some seem to believe. They can work together — not “despite” but “because” they are.

A year ago, there was speculation #Singapore could be bypassed by #China's Belt and Road Initiative (#BRI). But PM Lee Hsien Loong's visit to China last year and his attendance at the Boao Forum for ... See more

Nicholas Fang moderating the panel on "The TPP and the Future of Trade" at the 9th ASEAN & Asia Forum (2016)

Nicholas Fang joined the Singapore Institute of International Affairs in 2010 and is currently the institute’s director for security and global affairs.


Nicholas started his career as a journalist, and spent nine years at The Straits Times, rising to the position of senior correspondent. He then joined Singapore’s national broadcaster Mediacorp where he spent two years as business desk editor at regional news channel Channel NewsAsia, before taking on other senior editorial positions. He was most recently deputy chief editor of Singapore news at Mediacorp.


Nicholas was appointed Nominated Member of the Singapore Parliament in February 2012, where he served a two-and-a-half-year term and focused on issues pertaining to national security and defence, international affairs, media and sports. He has served on the boards of non-government organisations Mercy Relief and the Social Innovation Park, and is also a member of the advisory committee of the Youth Corps Singapore. He was Team Singapore’s Chef de Mission at the 2015 South-east Asian Games hosted in Singapore.

He founded Black Dot Pte Ltd in 2012, a strategic communications consultancy that offers public relations, media, sponsorship and marketing consultancy services.

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5 months ago
On water issue, Dr M again risks crossing a red line for Singapore

Singapore’s #waterstory is one of innovation, vulnerabilities and cross-border intricacies.

When Malaysia's opposition alliance, Pakatan Harapan, won the May 9 general election, many in the country hoped for a government that could stem corruption and move forward with reform. Many ... See more

7 months ago
Coffee with Claressa Nicholas Fang Managing Director Black Dot Communication - MONEY FM 89.3 -

It was very kind of #MoneyFM to invite me to chat about some of my experiences spanning a career in journalism, the sports scene in Singapore, and my views on politics and communications. #liveradio ... See more

Claressa chats with former National Fencer Nicholas Fang and finds out how he went on to becoming a journalist with the Straits Times, a Nominated Member of Parliament and now Managing Director of ... See more

7 months ago
Select Committee hearings: Nicholas Fang and Lim Sun Sun speak on Mar 29

I made a submission to the Select Committee on Deliberate Online Falsehoods (aka Fake News) on some of what I felt were the key issues regarding the spread of fake news in Singapore, and what could ... See more

Nicholas Fang, managing director of Black Dot Pte Ltd, and Lim Sun Sun, professor of media and communication at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, spoke at the public hearings before ... See more

1 year ago

In Phnom Penh for a day to speak at the Cambodian Institute for Cooperation and Peace's conference in ASEAN at Fifty. Flying in and out on the same day requires #coffee #siia #ASEAN ... See more

1 year ago
Singapore Institute of International Affairs

Had the pleasure of sitting down with Professor Tommy Koh last week to hear his thoughts on ASEAN which turns 50 today. Prof Koh is a true guru on ASEAN and had a key role in drafting the ... See more

#ASEAN turns 50 today. To celebrate #ASEANday and this milestone, we're launching "ASEAN at 50: A Video Project by the SIIA". We're speaking with experts, business leaders, and regular citizens, ... See more

1 year ago
Singapore Institute of International Affairs

Welcome news, and momentum to keep driving on.

The Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA) has been ranked among the top Asian think tanks for the fifth year running. The 2016 Global Go To Think Tank Index by the University of ... See more

1 year ago
Vehicle carbon emissions scheme under review

Holistic approach needed to find the cleanest option for our air.


Cars are likely to have to be far cleaner than they are today to qualify for green incentives.. Read more at

1 year ago

The regional threat of terrorism persists, and will require a united ASEAN to counter and maintain peace and stability.

An #IslamicState cell is using the eastern Malaysian state as a transit point whereby militants from the region get to Marawi City, which is the stronghold of Philippine militant group Abu Sayyf ... See more

1 year ago
Detained Terrexes to return to Singapore: MFA

Glad to see that good sense and international law prevailed. The results of the investigation by HKSAR will reveal the details of this incident, but it's heartening to note that sovereign immunity ... See more

The nine Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicles had been detained in Hong Kong since last November.

1 year ago
U.S. Embassy Singapore

#ASEAN remains a crucial market in today's world. Happy 50th Birthday!

2017 is the 50th birthday of #ASEAN, as well as the 40th anniversary of U.S.-ASEAN ties. To mark these momentous occasions and show why #ASEANMatters, we will be posting ASEAN-related facts every ... See more

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